Starryville at Epicure Cafe, Saturday Apr 15, 2017, 9pm

Southpaw event at Epicure

Velvet Lounge

ImageWho says Starryville never plays in DC? Well, we're in for a crazy night at the Velvet Lounge on Friday June 10 with Social Station and our best friends Big Green Cherry. Mark your calendar!

The Half Measures at Rhodeside Grill on Friday the 13

Sorry folks, due to a plague contracted by our singer Alexes, Starryville won't be able to perform at Rhodeside this Friday November 13 2015. BUT the show will go on and our friends The Half Measures will be performing. I'll be there to see them!


Starryville at Westover Beer Garden Poster

Date Taken: 
Oct 4 2015 (All day)


Starryville in Hell

Date Taken: 
Aug 7 2015 (All day)

In Hell

Date Taken: 
Aug 7 2015 (All day)

Starryville at Westover Beer Garden Saturday, Oct 10 2015, 5pm

Come get ein Bier mit us, this Samstag at Westover Beer Garden in Arlington VA. Das ist Oktober mein Freund!
Westover market poster, gig of Oct 10 2015

Faith No More, Merriweather Post Pavillion

Faith No More, Merriweather Post PavillionFew years ago, on December 26 2009 to be exact (fuck! almost six years ago!) I expressed a complaint about Faith No More playing some gigs in the rest of the world but in the US. I guess the message finally made it to their buzzing ears and the gods of rock'n roll finally fulfilled my wishes.

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