Starryville at Fat Tuesday's this Friday, Jan 16 2015, 8pm

Lesson ZeroBig Green Cherry

We will be playing the legendary Fat Tuesday's this Friday, accompanied with our best band friends Lesson Zero and Big Green Cherry. That's gonna be fun!

Starryville at the Westover Beer Garden this Saturday, Oct 18 2014, 5pm

We will be at the Westover Beer Garden in Arlington VA this Saturday October 15, 2014. Our best friends Big Green Cherry will be there to celebrate the Fall with us! Outdoor and kids friendly show!

Starryville at Epicure Cafe, Friday May 2nd 2014

Epicurus has funEpicurus in this picture looks very serious. But he was a brave guy! Here was his way of life according to Wikipedia: "For Epicurus, the purpose of philosophy was to attain the happy, tranquil life, characterized by ataraxia—peace and freedom from fear—and aponia—the absence of pain—and by living a self-sufficient life surrounded by friends. He taught that pleasure and pain are the measures of what is good and evil; death is the end of both body and soul and should therefore not be feared; the gods neither reward nor punish humans; the universe is infinite and eternal; and events in the world are ultimately based on the motions and interactions of atoms moving in empty space."

Hell yeah, that sounds good to us! This is why we are going to play in his cafe (Epicure Cafe), this Friday May 2nd 2014. Show starts at 8pm with our friends Big Green Cherry opening with an acoustic set. Then Starryville will electrify the atmosphere starting at 8:45pm. Later on Big Green Cherry will take back the stage for a high voltage set apotheosis. And I forgot the big green cherry on top: there will be some freebees for any table that's spending more than 50 bucks! You can't miss that!

Reggae Night at the Hamilton

Julian Junior Marvin and his bandLast Saturday night we were up to go out but we did not really find any appealing show to go to, at first at least. Our eye got caught on a Bob Marley tribute show. One more f....... tribute band I thought, this is for people that don't have enough personality, so they need to impersonate some iconic band, and cash in on their back.

Bangs! Take Me to Da Movie

I think we should cover this.

Holiday Party at Jammin Java, Tuesday November 26 2013

Simone and the SpectrumThe holiday season is coming so we are doing a warm up celebration this Tuesday November 26 2013 at Jammin Java. We are opening for Simone and the Spectrum, and Edy Blu will also join the party. Let's celebrate! Doors open at 5pm, show is at 7pm.

Simple Minds, Simply Awesome

Simple Minds, 9:30 ClubGreat performance of Simple Minds tonight at the 9:30 club here in DC. I thought the audience was kind of sleepy at the beginning, probably because it was an early show (started at 7pm) but the band did not deserve that.

Starryville at Westover Beer Garden, Sat Oct 19 2013

TyroleanThe summer is dead, whatever, let's cheer to the Fall! Ein Prosit!
We will be celebrating the Fall at the Westover Beer Garden in Arlington VA this Saturday October 19, 2013. Remember to always drink in moderation! Nobody wants to look like these dudes on the picture, that seemed to have enjoyed a little bit too much of that golden and bubbly beverage... Or would you?
Show starts at 6pm for 3 hours of crazy entertainment. See you there!

Starryville at Art on the Avenue, Del Ray, Sat, Oct 5, 2pm

Art on the AvenueWe will be entertaining the crowd at the Grassy Knoll stage from 2 to 3pm. Don't be late!
If you don't know Del Ray in Alexandria VA that's a great opportunity to visit that charming neighborhood. That ice cream place, Dairy Godmother Frozen Custard & Nostalgic Treats, next to St Elmo Coffee Pub is one of our favorite.

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