Live at Barrel Oak Winery

We thank all the people who came to see us live at the Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, VA: that was a lot of fun for us ! Barrel Oak is an excellent place to chill out on the week-end, after a long and stressful week of work in DC. We hope to be back there soon !


I touched the 5000 years old monoliths of Stonehenge, sucking up the healing energy of these ancestral medicinal stones: I am holy now !

You feel down ? Life sucks and the crisis feels like the less you can pay, the more you're gonna have to pay ?... Call me right now, yes, your trustworthy Dr Thorn, for a free consultation and a free laying on of my holy hands to feel the healing power of the stones. Call me right now especially if you're a young virgin with big boobs.

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