Art Out Loud Rockumentary (Part 1)

PJ at Art Out Loud, 2011

Watch the video and you might find us...

Starryville Sharper than Ever, This Friday Sep 30 2011, at St Elmo Coffee Pub

Last Show of the Year!
We Want to See you all Before Next Year!

St Elmo's Coffee PubYes guys, you read well, this is our last show of year 2011. Not only are we expecting a happy event in the next few weeks, but also we have decided to go on a retreat in India for few months to work on our transcendental meditation with some obscure yogi guru. Guru, tu es mon führer de vivre! But don't get us wrong, we will be, unfortunately for you, back in 2012, more creative than ever.

10 Reasons not to miss the show:
10. We will be 5 on stage.
9. This is a kid friendly show, but no booze for the parents unfortunately.
8. Andy will play his brand new Gretch.
7. It's Friday night and, just like any other night, there's nothing on TV.
6. There's an ice cream shop next door.
5. Alexes looks fatter than ever.
4. You've never been to Del Ray in Alexandria.
3. Paul will hit bold notes during his solos.
2. There is a shop nearby that sells smelly French cheese.
1. Dr Thorn won't wear his GWAR outfit.

Show starts at 8pm. This will be a semi-acoustic set. See you all Friday at St Elmo's!!!

Starryville at the Old Firestation No.3, Fri Sep 2

The Old Firehouse No.3We will be setting the Old Firestation No.3 on fire this Friday Sep 2, and Irene won't be here to stop us. Big Green Cherry and Absent Center will also be of the party, and we are sure that many of you guys are going to help us accomplish this task. Show ignition at 9. See you all Friday !

Listen to the funky radio spot, courtesy of Ed of Big Green Cherry:

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Starryville at Public House No.7, Sat Aug 27

Show canceled due to Irene.

Public House No.7We will be playing once again at the Public House #7 this Saturday August 27th, and our best band friend Big Green Cherry will be there too to open the show around 9pm. Sounds familiar ? No, we won't put exactly the same show than last time, not only because we are unable to do so, but also because Alexes seems to have a weight problem that starts to cripple her playing guitar. In my expert opinion, she has a mash potato eating disorder. But please keep that for yourself, talking about that in front of her might have an adverse effect on her syndrome. What, you don't believe me !? Well, come at Public House No.7 Saturday night and see for yourself !

Listen to the radio announcement:

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Starryville at O'Shaughnessy's Pub this Saturday Aug 13

O'Shaughnessy's Pub, Alexandria VATake the dive guys, come to see us at O'Shaughnessy's pub in Alexandria VA this Saturday night August 13. We'll be there with our long time friends Big Green Cherry. Show starts at 9:30, and there will be beer! Cheers!

Starryville at Art Out Loud, Sat Jul 16, 6PM

Art Out Loud 2011We will be performing at the Art Out Loud event at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton this Saturday. Don't miss it, their will be a one time additional member in the band! The artist Mary Gallagher Stout will be painting on stage as we perform: a touch of green on PJ's C minor arpeggios, sparkling blues on Alexes' flights of lyricism, vibrant orange on Dr T's bass slides, and vivid reds on Andy's sizzling cymbals. The result: a masterpiece of Starryville inspired art! Sure you don't want to miss that. Admission is free! Come and help us paint it out LOUD!

Our show starts at 6pm: don't be late!

Public House No.7

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Jun 25 2011 (All day)


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