Best Coast, When I'm With You, I Have Fun

Best Coast 9:30 ClubBest Coast gave us a great show at the 9:30 Club tonight. Keep on surfing USA's and the world's venues guys! An stay away from big sandwiches...


Beliefs, great band from Toronto, ON, where we discovered them as they were opening for the Breeders. Play, dream, Beliefs, relieves.

The Breeders Still Splashing Hard

The Breeders, Toronto, ON, Sat 11 2013Just saw the Breeders in Toronto yesterday. Yeah, why not see them in Toronto when you could have seen them a week earlier in DC. Anyway, awesome show! That's raw and rock like we love! Keep it alive Breeders!!!

Good stuff to read here and here.

El Desdén Con el Desdén - Teatro GALA | Sat, Sep 15

El desden con el desden, Gala Theater, DCWe've been to a very entertaining play last week-end at the Gala theater in DC. The play is in Spanish, si, but there are over title for idiots like me so you're not too much lost in translation.

Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein

How is it possible that some people in Starryville don't know that song! I even think we should cover it!

I remember when I used to dance like a freak to the sound of Grauzone, that was so fun!...

Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein
Im kalten Polar,...

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Random pics

Starryville at Art Out Loud 2012, workhouse arts center, Lorton, VA