Culprit Victims

Manufactured LandscapeCatwoman and I watched a movie called Manufactured Landscape. This is about, roughly, how the industrialized world modifies the natural landscapes. Esthetically, the picture, and pictures shown in this movie are superb, and upsetting at the same time. From a never ending traveling in a mega factory in China, to electronic components scrapyards also in China and rusted super tanker cemetery in Bangladesh, the images remind us that everything that we are doing has a consequence and an impact on nature and other people. Everybody should watch this movie.

Vacation Time !

Fontaine de VaucluseWell deserved vacation in France for me! Look at this beautiful picture: I hope you're jealous!!!

Jeez! Simple Minds are playing at the Voix du Gaou festival which takes place 5 minutes away from where I stay! Unfortunately I'll be gone by that time. Too bad I'll miss this very influential band of the 80s! Listen to New Gold Dream, this is excellent: I'm still jealous of the bass sound in this album, and the way they play of course.

France is Rock'n'Roll

This needs few explanations: this is a speech of a representative at the French assembly. His speech is about defending the rights of Metal bands. Awesome!!!

Nice to see you Celebrating Fairfax!

Starryville had a grrrreat time playing before Rusted Root-They rocked.
It was nice to see all you sparkling people.

Allez la France !!!!

Yes, the world cup is coming soon, and Yes, France is going to headbutt every team and be victorious !!! Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Nigeria,... all ridiculous they will be compared to the genius of French soccer !!!

I Got Blisters on my Fingers !

Someone that I will not reveal the name here told me this is one of her favorite Beatles song... I think this might be one of my favorite too.

Come Play my Ukulele

Can you dig it !

Some pure grunge here:

XX Rated


There was something religious last Sunday at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in DC. Cat woman, PJ and I went to see a concert of the XX there. Who are the XX you ask ? Are they butt naked people doing weird things with their instruments ?

Calling Jupiter


Project Calliope is a nice project that I wanted to advertise here. Sandy, a friend, is working for both the future of science and art: he is building a satellite in his basement that is intended to record the sound of space once in orbit. Yeah well, I see you coming, you're thinking I smoked the carpet again or that guy is just one more crazy geek that's hopping to enter in communication with the little green men. Nah my friend, this is absolutely serious.

Faith No More Complaints

Faith No More

I'm in a serious and furious mood... I see Faith no More, which is to me one of the best band of the 90's, I say I see Faith no More, reunited, playing in front of thousands of people this past year 2009, touring all around Europe (35 dates, I counted!), Israel, South America, and even Australia this coming February 2010, and, and, are they planning to play in their own country?!? Naaaah!!! Not even one gig scheduled yet!!! Come on guys? How is this possible?

Well, I don't really care that you tour all the US, just come and play in your nation's capital, Washington DC, and I'll be perfectly happy with that.

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