Snowed carsLook what they did to my car and my mopped !!!

Lawyers in the Hood

One of the most dangerous suburb of DC. Freaky, but sadly true. More here.

Chained to the Pixies

The Pixies, young

Catwoman and I was at the Pixies concert yesterday at the DAR Constitution Hall. Oh, look at this picture from 20 years ago, they are so cute! All right, they might not look exactly the same now, but they still have the sound! And yes, my eyes were still watering when I got that full blast of Gouge Away in my face. Where is my mind?... I know, it's in Rock'n'Roll. Thank you Pixies!

Pimp my Saturday Night

Thanks to the advises of Miss M., we went to see The Pimp of Joytime this past Saturday at the Bohemian Cavern in DC. And yes, they manage to make DC people move there booty ! And some of them were dancing like crazy !!! If you don't believe me, ask Cat woman, she was there too even if she won't admit it.

Good job guys !

More More More !

We were talking about this guys at practice tonight. That's some serious rock'n'roll !

Pah Pah Pah Poker Face, Pah Pah Poker Face, MahMahMahMaaaah

Everybody knows I'm a mega fan of Lady Gaga. Here we go. Pump up the volume guys, and shake your ass !

Art Brut, Like Champagne !

This Sunday, Cat Woman brought me in her favorite club: the Black Cat in DC. I want to see some "art", she told me with a British accent. I want to see some Art Brut !

And that was pretty fun !!!

Here is just a purified and distilled version of one of their tunes. Volume cranking and neighbours disturbing required.

Art Brut - Alcoholics Unanimous on MUZU.

Judas Priest

Rob Halford, singer of Judas PriestJust talk to my cousin; Judas Priest apparently released an album. I heard couple of tracks, this sounds as awesome as ever, this guys are really into their stuff and I like that.

Incidentally, looking at Rob Halford, the singer of Judas Priest, I'm wondering if I won't use his example for my Halloween costume this year.

How bored are you?

If yo are at work anxious to fritter away the hours(possibly feeling unwell, maybe suicidal..)please hasten to my new Blog.
I can promise that I wrote 100% of it and that is about all I can vouch for.

Britpop in DC

The Hold Steady

You're bored listening to your re-rere-remastered of the complete collection of the Beatles !? Helloooho, we're on 2009 now ! Just check out Mary Chang's blog and see what's the dynamic Britpop scene has to offer nowadays.

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