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Starryville at Rhodeside Grill, Friday Jan 16 2016

Rhodeside Grill Flyer, 16 Jan 2016

The Half Measures at Rhodeside Grill on Friday the 13

Sorry folks, due to a plague contracted by our singer Alexes, Starryville won't be able to perform at Rhodeside this Friday November 13 2015. BUT the show will go on and our friends The Half Measures will be performing. I'll be there to see them!


Starryville at Rhodeside Grill, Saturday June 20, 9:00PM

Due to some unforeseen illness of one of the band member, Starryville won't be able to perform tonight at Rhodeside Grill. We are very bummed about this as we love the Rhodeside. We will be back on September 19th. Hope to see you all at our next show at Westover Beer Garden next month. We'll keep u posted.


Starryville at Rhodeside Grill, Arlington VA, Friday March 6 2015, 9:30pm

Rhodeside Grill FlyerDo you like sandwiches? I'm sure you do. Especially a Starryville sandwich. Take a good slice of Lesson Zero, add some delicious Starryville, and put a Big Green Cherry on top. Enjoy with no moderation at the Rhodeside Grill in Arlington VA this Friday March 6 2015. Show starts at 9:30pm.

We're also very pleased to welcome Bob, our new drummer. This is going to be his maiden flight with the Stars. Enjoy the ride Bob!

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