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Oct 4 2015 (All day)


Starryville at Westover Beer Garden Saturday, Oct 10 2015, 5pm

Come get ein Bier mit us, this Samstag at Westover Beer Garden in Arlington VA. Das ist Oktober mein Freund!
Westover market poster, gig of Oct 10 2015

Starryville at Westover Beer Garden Saturday, Jul 18 2015, 5pm

Westover Beer Garden BeerLook at this magnificent blond. I know, you cannot resist its cold beauty. Well, neither do we. That's for her that we'll be at the Westover Beer Garden in Arlington VA this Saturday July 18. We'll be playing some good vibrations to seduce her, make it sparkle even more and then savor it down to the last drop. Our friends Lesson Zero could not resist its appeal either, they'll be there sharing the gig with us. See you there!

Starryville at the Westover Beer Garden this Saturday, Oct 18 2014, 5pm

We will be at the Westover Beer Garden in Arlington VA this Saturday October 15, 2014. Our best friends Big Green Cherry will be there to celebrate the Fall with us! Outdoor and kids friendly show!

Starryville at Westover Beer Garden, Sat Oct 19 2013

TyroleanThe summer is dead, whatever, let's cheer to the Fall! Ein Prosit!
We will be celebrating the Fall at the Westover Beer Garden in Arlington VA this Saturday October 19, 2013. Remember to always drink in moderation! Nobody wants to look like these dudes on the picture, that seemed to have enjoyed a little bit too much of that golden and bubbly beverage... Or would you?
Show starts at 6pm for 3 hours of crazy entertainment. See you there!

Gig at the Westover Market Beer Garden, Sat June 8 2013

Beer of the beer gardenLook at that nice cold beer... hmmm yummy! This beer, and many other beers, can be yours if you come at the Westover Beer Garden in Arlington VA this Saturday June 8th 2013. We'll be there to play some music, and of course enjoy couple of these refreshing beverages, always in moderation (yeah, well, it's a kid friendly show after all). We will be playing from 6 to 9. See you then, in the garden of Eden...

Starryville and Friends Tonight at Westover Beer Garden

Westover Market Beer GardenCheck us out this Saturday for a special acoustic show at Westover Market in Arlington! Show starts at 630pm with McKinley Dyer... followed by our friend John Ireland and his eclectic band Folk Rock Taking Over. Starryville will finish off the evening with a special acoustic show, sans Dr Thorn who had hand surgery and fled to Germany. We look forward to his triumphant return at our CD release party next month.

Starryville goes Unplugged at Westover Market, Friday Aug 3 2012, 6:30pm

Westover Market Beer GardenLast time we played the Westover Market Beer Garden in Arlington, the Police came because we were too loud... So now we've been punished, and we are not allowed to use amplification any more. Yes, you hear it well, we will play totally unplugged. Anyway, that might not prevent the police to come and stop our cacophony...

Show starts at 6:30pm with Mckinley Dyer accompanied by John Ireland. Then Starryville will be on starting at 7pm.

Grab your hearing aid device and come enjoy some refreshing beers (or lemonades) with us! This is a kid friendly show!

Too Much Fun for Arlington

Westover marketIs Arlington too much fun !? Well, that's what some people seem to think. You know Starryville, your favorite band, we play so loud rock'n'roll that we got into trouble while playing at Westover Market last August. I think that's because of the little kids that were dancing in front of us were having too much fun. How decadent !

Beer Garden for Starryville this Friday

Westover MarketStarryville will be playing in heaven this Friday August 6. Yes, we will be in the beer garden of Westover Market in Arlington, VA. They claim having a list of 800 beers!!! Isn't that beer heaven? The show starts at 6pm, up until 10pm. Come through the great wall of beer and enjoy couple of refreshing foamy beverages with us.

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