Chateau Miraval

By Dr Thorn - Posted on 17 June 2015

Chateau Miraval RoséSome days ago, on my almost weekly outing to some overpriced organic grocery store where well dressed SUV driving people allow themselves to feel planet conscious, my eye got caught by a name on the sticker of some grape based pink beverage: Miraval.

Ah yes, I hear you say, Miraval, the Luxurious Arizona Resort & Spa located North of Tucson and dedicated to inspiring Life in Balance. Nah, not at all, not that Miraval, but the one located in the South of France, a little bit North of Brignoles, in the heart of Provence.

It is the Chateau Miraval, precisely where Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt (aka Brangelina Jolie-Pitt) and all their offspring have a vacation residence. Looking closer at the sticker, indeed, it is some Rosé coming from a vineyard next to the Chateau Miraval that the Jolie-Pitt own, with a guy named Marc Perrin who actually produces the wine.

Wow! This is some f...... rosé from Chateau Miraval I thought. I need this love liquid deep in my mouth, feel it slowly flowing down my body, dripping in my veins, flash my brain and pumping in my heart.

Ok, well, now I hear you commenting again, come on Dr T., Mr wannabe a rebel rock star, I know this wine is from Provence but are you that in love with Angelina Jolie? Or maybe with Brad Pitt? Hahahha!...

Nahhh, all wrong again sir, you forgot your courses of rock'n'roll history. Go back to high school and look at the Pink Floyd The Wall cassette tape that you were endlessly looping on your auto-reverse Aiwa Walkman. Yes my friend, Pink Floyd recorded a large part of The Wall at the Chateau Miraval, which accommodate a recording studio since the late 70's. And not only Pink Floyd recorded there. Many of some of my favorite artists and bands: The Cure, Sade, AC/DC, Wham! (yes), Yes, Alain Bashung, Chantal Goya (no), Indochine, Rammstein,...

So, well, when I drink this wine, I have somehow a taste of the essence that inspired all these great recorded moments. And I also have to say, believe the connoisseur (not), it is also a very tasty rosé that is totally worth it. It's a bit pricy ($22 or so I think) compared to usual rosé of the same region, but again I really enjoyed it strictly from a taste point of view. Fabulous color too. I even went back and bought some more.

Apparently, this wine used to be call the Pink Floyd rosé. And after few glasses of it, you will see la vie en rose for sure.

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