Earthquake at Patty Boom Boom

By Dr Thorn - Posted on 27 July 2011

Patty Boom BoomTuesday night Cat Women and I went see the Arkives at the Patty Boom Boom, a great Reggae club in DC. When I came in the room, it sounded so good I thought this was the DJ playing records. Then I realized the band was playing in the back: since they have no stage there, you couldn't really see them unless you managed to navigate through the dancing crowed all the way to the band. In the room, the bass sounded so HUGE! Hey, that's perfect for reggae, and a bass player like me has to love it! They have gigantic sub-woofers in the room that make the tiniest bass note shakes the ground like an earthquake, and make you feel the vibe down to your guts. Awesome!

The Arkives sounded excellent. Great singers that transport you back in the days, in some reggae join out there in Jamaica. One or two rums to get in the ambiance, but no more. Great job guys!

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