Starryville at Dogwood Tavern this Saturday

By Dr Thorn - Posted on 27 August 2010

Dogwood Tavern, Falls Church, VA First, I thought that Dogwood was some kind of a canine sculpture, carved in wood. But no! All wrong, ignorant foreign national that I am. From the Dogwood Tavern web site, I learned that Dogwood is "Our state tree & flower. The word comes from dagwood, the slender stems of very hard wood for making 'dags' (daggers, skewers)."

Anyway, This won't change our plans: we will be playing at the Dogwood Tavern in Falls Church this Saturday night, August 28. Show starts at 9pm, up until there's no more beer to drink at the bar. Come and help us set up the Dogwood on fire!!!

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