Starryville Opening for Rusted Root

By Dr Thorn - Posted on 17 May 2010

Rusted RootWell, we are all very excited that we've been chosen to open for Rusted Root at Celebrate Fairfax on June 11th. Mark your calendar, you'll have to come to this one, that should be Fun ! Show starts at 7pm: don't be late !!!

ha ha -I just notice Catwomans avatar! Do you take your coffee with extra cream?
sounds purrrrfect!

nice to see you here, with or without Star earings ;)
thank you , I am quite delirious in anticipation of meeting Rusted Root and sharing a stage!

Catwoman's picture

You guys were awesome!! Absolutely you were the best band. What time will you hit the stage? 7? 8? again, congrats.

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