Starryville Red-Eye Gig at the Iota

By Dr Thorn - Posted on 26 August 2009

IotaAll right guys, HeLO asked us to play with them at the Iota Club and Cafe this Thursday September 3rd: nobody else wanted to play on a week night after 11pm... for rock 'n' roll's sake we do ! So if you have insomnia, especially on Thursday nights, instead of watching TV while drinking chamomile, now you know you can come see us and forget your worries in front of a beer or your preferred beverage.

OK, the concert actually starts at 9pm with the delirious Brainfang. It's been a while since we saw them playing, I bet it's gonna be interesting and cool. Then they will be followed by headliners HeLO (do not confuse with Electric Light Orchestra), the new project of Johnny Ireland who's fronting the band: there should be plenty of melodic and rockin' songs to hear from them.

Oops, we forgot... There's a $10 cover. But that worth it, Iota is one of our preferred venue in the area: great ambiance and great sound system. If you never went there, that's the occasion ! Come and check it (and us) out !


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