By Dr Thorn - Posted on 04 August 2009

Kitten killIf you don't vote for Starryville, Dr Thorn will be forced to kill that kitten. Don't be responsible for the death of an innocent adorable kitten. Vote Starryville !

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I thought people should be made aware. Let's see if they even let me post this. I found an article this weekend.

In an international incident that has now become known as the Thorn Kitten Catnapping, I wanted to provide an update. This news was not covered in the U.S. extensively because of competing national news, and it turns out the kitten was NOT being held in Northern Virginia, but in an undisclosed location in northern France. As a result of an intense three-week long international outcry by animal rights activists worldwide, a multinational force of British, French and Ukrainian special forces were deployed to extract the 6-week old ginger tabby kitten and return it to its homeland in the U.S.

Animal activists in the community are still angry. “We are concerned.” Voiced local activist Nancy Flowers. “Dr. Thorn has demonstrated an aggressive stance against cats in particular. He has talked about eating the lead singer’s cats, has posted online threats and now he has titled the newest blog entry as 'Eat the Cat'. When does this end?” Back in the U.S., Dr. Thorn has been questioned by state and federal authorities, but not detained.

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No blood on my hands Helluh Catwoman ! Sorry, my hands are clean, I really don't know what you're talking about...

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I know that if I replied to you, you would only to continue to taunt and harass me and the community you have so offended.

Don't forget that Halloween, the official Cat Holiday, is right around the corner and if I were you, I'd watch my back. //// / Cheers.

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