Chained to the Pixies

The Pixies, young

Catwoman and I was at the Pixies concert yesterday at the DAR Constitution Hall. Oh, look at this picture from 20 years ago, they are so cute! All right, they might not look exactly the same now, but they still have the sound! And yes, my eyes were still watering when I got that full blast of Gouge Away in my face. Where is my mind?... I know, it's in Rock'n'Roll. Thank you Pixies!

Pimp my Saturday Night

Thanks to the advises of Miss M., we went to see The Pimp of Joytime this past Saturday at the Bohemian Cavern in DC. And yes, they manage to make DC people move there booty ! And some of them were dancing like crazy !!! If you don't believe me, ask Cat woman, she was there too even if she won't admit it.

Good job guys !

Put On Your Red Shoes!

SproketsThat is right, Starryville is beginning to record more tunes. We want to put some energy into the new year and so we are recording some songs with more of a dance vibe.

Any DJ'S out there that want to experiment with our stuff?

So save some space on your iPod in the spring, guys!

Starryville-Friend to (West Virginia) Ghosts!

WVGhost Investigation

We can now watch Beck Pinar, Carl Pelter and their crew investigate the phantoms that haunt West Virginia. Using electronics and Beck's skills as a medium they are outing ghosts and spectors left and right. If you watch closely you will hear some spooky Starryville tunes accompanying the ghost hunt.

Judas Priest

Rob Halford, singer of Judas PriestJust talk to my cousin; Judas Priest apparently released an album. I heard couple of tracks, this sounds as awesome as ever, this guys are really into their stuff and I like that.

Incidentally, looking at Rob Halford, the singer of Judas Priest, I'm wondering if I won't use his example for my Halloween costume this year.

Starryville on Caffeine at St Elmo Coffee Pub

Starryville at the St Elmo coffee shop gig poster
Haaaaaaaaa !!!!
Hein ! What, what ! Who's there !?... Yeaaah !!! This is Starryville on Caffeine, playing at St Elmo Coffee Pub just one day before Halloween !!! Scary isn't it !?

Want to try out your brand new Halloween gas pump costume while listening to Starryville ? No problemo, come and join us at the St Elmo Coffee Pub in Del Ray, Alexandria, on Friday October 30th, 8pm. Ho, and I forgot to mention, we will have a keyboard player !!! Robert Bell will be playing with us, adding a magic touch to our tunes... even a black magic touch for Halloween I heard... Hinhinhinhin !!!

Kanye West

Maybe I am in the minority, but I don't have a problem with Kanye West's sudden "appearance" at the VMA's.
He simply cannot help himself and he says what he thinks as he thinks it. He has no self-censor or inner Oprah and that works for me.
He is simply like a naughty child and it would have been all good if Russell Brand had merely patted him on the head and sent him to sit in Time Out with a Dunce cap on his head.
Or given him a good shagging:}
Maybe after letting Taylor Swift pop on his nose with a newspaper.
Poor Kanye!

Britpop in DC

The Hold Steady

You're bored listening to your re-rere-remastered of the complete collection of the Beatles !? Helloooho, we're on 2009 now ! Just check out Mary Chang's blog and see what's the dynamic Britpop scene has to offer nowadays.

What do West Virginia Ghost Investigaters and Starryville have in Common?

Ghost cat

Well, we both love anything that goes bump in the middle of the night, if you know what I mean-wink wink.

Actually, we are honored that our friends at West Virginia Ghost Investigators would like to use a Starryville song in their upcoming TV pilot. We will keep you informed about all of their ghostly adventures as soon as we know anything.

If you would like to start preparing for Halloween go check out their site :


Young Nostra Dennis

I'd like to talk to you about some serious stuff here. Or should I say a serious case. This is the case of Mr DG. Check out his blog here. I still remember when I saw him for the first time, it was at a Halloween party few years ago. I saw that guy with a Peterbilt tag on his shirt, and with teeth all over the place in his mouth. I thought "Ho, poor guy... He probably does not have enough money to fix his teeth... That should be tough to be a truck driver,... crazy hours, rushing deliveries,...". Then Paul told me: "Here is my friend Dennis !" So Dennis removed his fake teeth, and we introduced ourselves.

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