Starryville Red-Eye Gig at the Iota

IotaAll right guys, HeLO asked us to play with them at the Iota Club and Cafe this Thursday September 3rd: nobody else wanted to play on a week night after 11pm... for rock 'n' roll's sake we do ! So if you have insomnia, especially on Thursday nights, instead of watching TV while drinking chamomile, now you know you can come see us and forget your worries in front of a beer or your preferred beverage.

OK, the concert actually starts at 9pm with the delirious Brainfang. It's been a while since we saw them playing, I bet it's gonna be interesting and cool. Then they will be followed by headliners HeLO (do not confuse with Electric Light Orchestra), the new project of Johnny Ireland who's fronting the band: there should be plenty of melodic and rockin' songs to hear from them.

Oops, we forgot... There's a $10 cover. But that worth it, Iota is one of our preferred venue in the area: great ambiance and great sound system. If you never went there, that's the occasion ! Come and check it (and us) out !

Gig at the Pagan Pride Day

Pagan Pride DayI did not know what was a pagan before Alexes told me we were playing at the Pagan Pride Festival in Alexandria. After I looked it up on wikipedia, I thought this was perfect to meet these guys and really learn about that religion and culture based on ancestral rituals and believes. I heard Halloween is based on a pagan tradition: see how cool pagans are !

The event takes place outdoor in the picnic area at the Lee District Park, 6601 Telegraph Road in Alexandria, Virginia. We will be playing at 3pm for a hour, and it's gonna be a fully acoustic show (no amplification at all !) like in the good old time !

Ready for some pagan dance ? Come around and celebrate the fall harvest with us !

Eat the Cat

Thorn contest

All right, we did not make it to the final 5 of the dc.metromix contest. We finished at the worst place: 6th... We would like to thank all the people who voted for us, we know that many of our fan did since we bothered them so much ! We should have won the price of the most international votes for a dc band since many of our friends voted from France and even Morocco I heard !

Anyway, the competition continues and we are glad that some of our friends actually made it to the final 5, namely Tieweb. So if you're up for some rock n' roll on August 27, 8pm, come at the DC Hard Rock Café and support our friends Tieweb !!!


Kitten killIf you don't vote for Starryville, Dr Thorn will be forced to kill that kitten. Don't be responsible for the death of an innocent adorable kitten. Vote Starryville !

CD Release Party at Kilroy's

Kilroy's posterGuess what ? We finally finished recording our new CD: Humors of blood and skin. To celebrate that, we will be at Kilroy's, Fairfax VA this Saturday July 11.

It's a full electric show, and since we did not play in that format for months, we are ready to blow speakers, smoke guitare amps, and set drums on fire ! Join us to heat up Kilroy's !

Live at Cafe Montmartre

We will be whipping the cream at Cafe Montmartre this Friday night, May 15 at 9pm. Come around to listen to Starryville on caffeine !

Live at Barrel Oak Winery

We thank all the people who came to see us live at the Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, VA: that was a lot of fun for us ! Barrel Oak is an excellent place to chill out on the week-end, after a long and stressful week of work in DC. We hope to be back there soon !


I touched the 5000 years old monoliths of Stonehenge, sucking up the healing energy of these ancestral medicinal stones: I am holy now !

You feel down ? Life sucks and the crisis feels like the less you can pay, the more you're gonna have to pay ?... Call me right now, yes, your trustworthy Dr Thorn, for a free consultation and a free laying on of my holy hands to feel the healing power of the stones. Call me right now especially if you're a young virgin with big boobs.

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