CD Download Party at Pub House No7, Saturday Nov 24, 2012

Free CD download for those who come!

Listen to Sorry Secret, one of the tracks here:

Pub House 7, Nov 2012
Yes, we did it, we finally finished our CD!

Starryville and Friends Tonight at Westover Beer Garden

Westover Market Beer GardenCheck us out this Saturday for a special acoustic show at Westover Market in Arlington! Show starts at 630pm with McKinley Dyer... followed by our friend John Ireland and his eclectic band Folk Rock Taking Over. Starryville will finish off the evening with a special acoustic show, sans Dr Thorn who had hand surgery and fled to Germany. We look forward to his triumphant return at our CD release party next month.

Starryville goes Unplugged at Westover Market, Friday Aug 3 2012, 6:30pm

Westover Market Beer GardenLast time we played the Westover Market Beer Garden in Arlington, the Police came because we were too loud... So now we've been punished, and we are not allowed to use amplification any more. Yes, you hear it well, we will play totally unplugged. Anyway, that might not prevent the police to come and stop our cacophony...

Show starts at 6:30pm with Mckinley Dyer accompanied by John Ireland. Then Starryville will be on starting at 7pm.

Grab your hearing aid device and come enjoy some refreshing beers (or lemonades) with us! This is a kid friendly show!

Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein

How is it possible that some people in Starryville don't know that song! I even think we should cover it!

I remember when I used to dance like a freak to the sound of Grauzone, that was so fun!...

Ich möchte ein Eisbär sein
Im kalten Polar,...

Free Songs for Art Out Loud Fans!!!

For those who came to Art Out Loud this Saturday, July 7, and received an expired Starryville coupon, please download our album Compromise here, for free of course (right click and Save As):
If You Say

For the others that weren't there, and don't have the chance to be in possession of an expired coupon, well, you can also download the songs for free anyway.

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