Too Much Fun for Arlington

Westover marketIs Arlington too much fun !? Well, that's what some people seem to think. You know Starryville, your favorite band, we play so loud rock'n'roll that we got into trouble while playing at Westover Market last August. I think that's because of the little kids that were dancing in front of us were having too much fun. How decadent !

Get some Starryville On-Tap

January 2011 On-Tap CoverCheck out the January issue of On-Tap magazine, you might find us on the cover. And there are small interviews of local bands inside. You can also get to listen to one of our song on the online version. Enjoy!

Sounds from the Cave

Very Private Party Jan 2011All right, you might wonder why the Starryville web site has been so silent this past month: are these people not playing music anymore? Did they leave the country for some warmer latitudes? Did they win the DC lottery so they don't have to play stupid music anymore in bars late at night just to make enough money to pay for the beer tab? Nahnahnah, all wrong! Simply, we have decided a retreat in our preferred practice cave in order to get ready for our next gig which we plan to record on tape. We know, our next gig is a private event, and not all of our numerous fans will be able to attend. But at least if we suck, we can always fudge the recording, no witnesses :)!

Starryville at Brewfest this Sunday Oct 24

BrewfestAgain, where there is good beer, there is Starryville around playing and entertaining the happy crowd. After a warm up at the Vienna Oktoberfest 3 weeks ago, we will be at the Brewfest in Centerville VA this Sunday October 24. Apparently, there will be even more breweries represented, with more than 40 of the world's best ones. And it's a two day week-end event. Come enjoy the World Beer Experience!

Our show starts at 1:45 PM on Sunday afternoon for an hour of craziness: don't be late !

Delphic on Three-Phase Power at DC 9

DelphicYesterday night cat woman and I were at the DC9 to see a British pop'n'dance band named Delphic. One more good call from our friend Mary Chang! Great energy, and well, these Brits are really the great masters of "sound". Keep on rock'in guys, good to see youngsters making such refreshing music!

Starryville at Vienna Oktoberfest Sat Oct 2

OktoberfestEin Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemutlichkeit,
Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemutlichkeit.

Ja my friends, we are playing at the Oktoberfest in Vienna VA this Saturday. Please don't miss it, not only there will be good beer flowing from the barrels all day, but Alexes also promised to sing us that song a capella during the show. Yeah, you cannot miss that ! We start at 2:30pm: don't be late !

Now sing with me !!
Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemutlichkeit,
Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit, der Gemutlichkeit.

Drug Calamities

GTII wanted to drop few word about a serious problem that plagues our society: drug addiction. But I'm not talking about the kind of drug you would think at first. I would like to talk about one of the strongest kind, the one that, even you, you didn't think you were addicted to: cars. Yes, you read well, cars! To illustrate my words, I would like to recommend you the reading of this story. This is the story of Ms S., who was forced to spend a week without a car for a supposedly school project. Please read, this is a mind blowing and very poignant story.

Starryville at Bangkok Blues, Thursday Sep 23

Bangkok BluesYou got the blues? It's Thursday night, you're tired, your moron boss has been on your back all week long and there is still one more day to endure his inquisitory presence before the week-end? Take it easy, Starryville has the solution! Just come see us at the Bangkok Blues on Thursday Sep 23 2010. We will make some smooth and suave melodies for you to release your tensions and forget your daily worries. You'll even be able to go to bed at a descent time: show starts at 7:30pm opening with the jazz rock sound of J.M.M., and then we will be playing up until 11pm. Don't be late!

Culprit Victims

Manufactured LandscapeCatwoman and I watched a movie called Manufactured Landscape. This is about, roughly, how the industrialized world modifies the natural landscapes. Esthetically, the picture, and pictures shown in this movie are superb, and upsetting at the same time. From a never ending traveling in a mega factory in China, to electronic components scrapyards also in China and rusted super tanker cemetery in Bangladesh, the images remind us that everything that we are doing has a consequence and an impact on nature and other people. Everybody should watch this movie.

Starryville at Dogwood Tavern this Saturday

Dogwood Tavern, Falls Church, VA First, I thought that Dogwood was some kind of a canine sculpture, carved in wood. But no! All wrong, ignorant foreign national that I am. From the Dogwood Tavern web site, I learned that Dogwood is "Our state tree & flower. The word comes from dagwood, the slender stems of very hard wood for making 'dags' (daggers, skewers)."

Anyway, This won't change our plans: we will be playing at the Dogwood Tavern in Falls Church this Saturday night, August 28. Show starts at 9pm, up until there's no more beer to drink at the bar. Come and help us set up the Dogwood on fire!!!

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