Starryville Gig at the Warrenton Wine Festival

Warrenton Wine Festival

You know, each time there is an event involving wine in the area we have to participate. Why Starryville has such an irresistible attraction towards that red fermented grape juice ? Is it because this is supposed to be the blood of god ? Not sure, let me have one more glass, and let me think about it... Yes ! Now I see the light !

I see Starryville on stage at 5pm at the Warrenton Wine and Arts Festival on Saturday April 24 2010. Yes ! Come and join us, enjoy some good wine, and the awesome music of your favorite band !

XX Rated


There was something religious last Sunday at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in DC. Cat woman, PJ and I went to see a concert of the XX there. Who are the XX you ask ? Are they butt naked people doing weird things with their instruments ?

Calling Jupiter


Project Calliope is a nice project that I wanted to advertise here. Sandy, a friend, is working for both the future of science and art: he is building a satellite in his basement that is intended to record the sound of space once in orbit. Yeah well, I see you coming, you're thinking I smoked the carpet again or that guy is just one more crazy geek that's hopping to enter in communication with the little green men. Nah my friend, this is absolutely serious.

Smoke on Blue Water

Blue Water Gig Poster

Mark up your master calendar guys, we will be smoking the Blue Water Grille on Saturday night, March 20th. Furious George will be there to fire up the grill at 9pm, don't be late. Oh, small detail, this time you'll have to make a small effort, there's a 5$ cover. But if you think it's cheap, no problemo, just give us more, we'll make an effort too !!!

Starryville Gig of Love at Moe's


Love, exciting and new.
Come Aboard.
We're expecting you.

Yesss, sweethearts (suave voice), Starryville will be playing at Moe's on Saturday February 13th, just the day before Valentine's day. The perfect occasion to celebrate! Come and listen to our pretty music with your sweetheart.

Love, life's sweetest reward. Let it flow, it floats back to you...
Beuuuhhaarrr !!! Why do I feel so nauseous suddenly ?!? Rock'n'Roll !!!

Friday Night Threesome- Starryville Headlines!

Millers Tavern Gig Poster

This FRIDAY night we will be performing at Miller's Tavern in FFX (formerly The Firehouse Grill).

The show will begin at 9pm with our friends Tie Webb, followed by Violet Says 5 from DC...and of course, your ole' buddies in Starryville hit the stage at 11pm. We hope to see you all there to make the night a success for all. As an extra bonus, someone from Violet Says 5 runs around in a panda costume the entire show... that should be fun...

Miller's Tavern
3988 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 383-1030

Down Under Thumbs up !

Starryville rockin the Occoquan Inn

Thank you guys for who made it to the Occoquan Inn this past Saturday. We really liked the cheering and the ambiance, that was so rock'n'roll !!! Stay tuned, some more gigs in the area are to be scheduled soon !

Special Happy New Year Gig this Saturday !!!

Occoquan Inn gig poster

Howdy folks and Happy New Year!!!

We hope to see you at our first show of 2010... THIS SATURDAY, January 9 at the lovely Occoquan Inn, in historic Occoquan, VA. The show starts at 9pm, Down Under.

Occoquan Inn
301 Mill Street
Occoquan, Virginia 22125

Phone: 703-491-1888

Faith No More Complaints

Faith No More

I'm in a serious and furious mood... I see Faith no More, which is to me one of the best band of the 90's, I say I see Faith no More, reunited, playing in front of thousands of people this past year 2009, touring all around Europe (35 dates, I counted!), Israel, South America, and even Australia this coming February 2010, and, and, are they planning to play in their own country?!? Naaaah!!! Not even one gig scheduled yet!!! Come on guys? How is this possible?

Well, I don't really care that you tour all the US, just come and play in your nation's capital, Washington DC, and I'll be perfectly happy with that.

Rock You To Sleep

Rock'n'Roll Baby

So, PJ and I were visiting our friends Chris and Natasha last night after Chris's gig, (he is a most excellent drummer), and we were just hanging out at their place.

Well, their little boy, (also a budding drummer), handed my daughter a CD, which she promptly tried to destroy. Apparently he listens to it every night before he falls asleep.

Guess what CD it was?

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