About Us

Hailing from Virginia and France, the band Starryville came together to create the type of music everyone needs, pure rock and roll, collectively influenced by retro, modern and alternative rock sounds. Do not look for us in one tiny box, category or stereotype. With a combined 20 years of experience, we continue to challenge ourselves to write thoughtful and accessible songs, packed with contagious melodies and catchy grooves; and on stage, with professional, tight and energetic live performances.

Starryville evokes a theme, a color and a flavor that is unique, combining melodic and thick guitars with simple rhythms, textural keyboards and driving bass lines. Combined, creating a sound that is different enough, but still able to attract music fans across many genres. Our songs can morph from pulse quickening electric, to quiet acoustic, bouncing into many genres along the way from modern/indie rock to alt-country and beyond.

Starryville translates well into any format, from acoustic cafes, to loud rock clubs and outdoor venues.

We’ll see you soon!


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Random pics

Starryville, Alexes, Firehouse Grill