Sounds from the Cave

By Starryville - Posted on 29 November 2010

Very Private Party Jan 2011All right, you might wonder why the Starryville web site has been so silent this past month: are these people not playing music anymore? Did they leave the country for some warmer latitudes? Did they win the DC lottery so they don't have to play stupid music anymore in bars late at night just to make enough money to pay for the beer tab? Nahnahnah, all wrong! Simply, we have decided a retreat in our preferred practice cave in order to get ready for our next gig which we plan to record on tape. We know, our next gig is a private event, and not all of our numerous fans will be able to attend. But at least if we suck, we can always fudge the recording, no witnesses :)!

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Dr Thorn in the hands of the New Orleans Police