A True French Story

By Dr Thorn - Posted on 23 June 2011

A journalist is doing an interview of the oldest French guy. He wants to know more about the secrets of his longevity. "So," he asks, "what is the first thing you do you the morning?"
- Well you know, not that much, I'm not sure this is really interesting.
- Yes, yes, I'm sure it is, all France wants to know your secrets!
- Well, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to pee.
- All right, very interesting, answers the journalist, and then, what do you do next?...
- Well, since I'm there, you know, I just take a poop, and it really feels great.
- Ok, very good! But then, what do you do next?
- Well, then finally I get up.

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Starryville at Art Out Loud 2012, workhouse arts center, Lorton, VA