Starryville at Public House No.7, Sat Aug 27

By Starryville - Posted on 24 August 2011

Show canceled due to Irene.

Public House No.7We will be playing once again at the Public House #7 this Saturday August 27th, and our best band friend Big Green Cherry will be there too to open the show around 9pm. Sounds familiar ? No, we won't put exactly the same show than last time, not only because we are unable to do so, but also because Alexes seems to have a weight problem that starts to cripple her playing guitar. In my expert opinion, she has a mash potato eating disorder. But please keep that for yourself, talking about that in front of her might have an adverse effect on her syndrome. What, you don't believe me !? Well, come at Public House No.7 Saturday night and see for yourself !

Listen to the radio announcement:

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