D'Angelo and Mary J Blige Shake it in DC

By Dr Thorn - Posted on 08 September 2012

Pino PalladinoSome people I know well won some ticks to see D'Angelo and Mary J Blige at the Verizon center in DC last Sunday August 26 2012. Well, that was really awesome, all great musicians and huge groove. We were really thrilled to see these people live, and directly feel their energy. But hey, that's not really a surprise I would say!

No, the surprise for me came from the presence of Pino Palladino on bass with D'Angelo. I knew they worked together in the past (10 years ago maybe) but I wasn't sure if they were still collaborating. So what an happy surprise for me when I saw the guy kneading the bass on stage!

Who is Pino Palladino? Well guys, you might have never heard his name before but what I'm more than sure is that you've heard his bass more than once in your life. He played with many many world recognized artists, from the early 80's up until now. From Paul Young to the Who, Tears for Fears, David Gilmour, Paul Rodgers, Stephan Eicher (heeheehee!), Simon and Garfunkel, Celine Dion (ouch, my ears...), John Mayer,... it's just impossible to cite them all in here. Check out his credits here. A simple example why you have heard him: he plays bass on Adele's album 21.

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