Reggae Night at the Hamilton

By Dr Thorn - Posted on 03 March 2014

Julian Junior Marvin and his bandLast Saturday night we were up to go out but we did not really find any appealing show to go to, at first at least. Our eye got caught on a Bob Marley tribute show. One more f....... tribute band I thought, this is for people that don't have enough personality, so they need to impersonate some iconic band, and cash in on their back. Sorry, I cannot stand Beatles cover bands that dress like on Sergeant Pepper album cover, thanks! Anyway, there was nothing else around, and we were starving for some live music.

The show was at the Hamilton, a new wannabe fancy place few doors down from the White House, that hosts overprice live shows, so we were also curious to visit the place.

Arriving at the Hamilton, first impression, this is HUGE, and it was PACKED! The inside looks very nice and fancy. Seeing all these people, I guess the food must be good too. It belongs the the Clyde's restaurant group and they generally do a good job. I would definitely go for dinner sometime, for the experience.

The concert stage is downstairs. Quick stop at the desk for some tickets: $71 for two... ouch. Going down the stairs, after showing our ausweis at the checkpoint, the hallway opens on an other freakin' huge room, again packed with people. There are two bars on each side of the top row, and then a seated / restaurant area where people are enjoying their meal or drink. The stage is quite descent size, with a limited standing audience area in front of it. Nappy Riddem were already playing, sounds great! Good bass player :). The sound system, and room, sound great too, with the help of the sound engineer, it's loud but not killing your ears, and stays clear and tight.

Nappy Riddem are done, intermission, beer hunting time. I ask kindly my half to get me some. She had to go upstairs where the bars are less crowded. Big caveat: she was alone, and they gave her only one beer instead of two requested!? WTF! Well, too lazy to get an other one, so I drunk that Abita. Abita: strong watery tasteless beer that will make you drunk fast and pee less.

Junior Marvin gets on stage with his band, setup, ready, not ready, in, out, finally ready.

The set starts, with a groove as heavy as a steamroller that would melt the brain of the most jamming reluctant dude of the dc area. The set was based on the Exodus album. I loved it, everything sounded great. And when you see all the ladies dancing and shaking their .... (fill the blank) like this, you know it sounds pretty good. Show climax: I really loved that drummer and percussionist solo / duet, they scotch-taped me on the wall (sorry, French saying). With all these bursts of deep reggae steam in my face, I think I might fail my company drug test in the next few months.

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